Citrix C 30g (0321-2757544 for Order)


17% Vitamin-C Cream 30g Skin Nourishing

Helps fade appearance of age spots. Delivers a bright & renewed skin tone & texture



Citrix C 30g

In this Paragraph, Citrix C Cream rejuvenates the skin by replenishing Vitamin-C deficiency and helps maintain healthy, younger-looking skin, especially as one gets older.

Firstly, This  Cream provide a skin rejuvenate effect by improve collagen synthesis in the skin. As well as limiting skin damage from free radicals. The increase collagen reduces wrinkles an improves skin texture.

Secondly, A powerful anti-oxidant activity that protects against UV-induced damage and contributes to photo-protection, decreases photo-damage and is needed for adequate wound healing.

Vitamin-C also interact with and discourage action of the enzyme tyrosinase, thereby decrease the melanin formation.

Regular use of Citrix-C  Cream helps to even the skin tone, revitalize the skin’s surface, significantly improves hydration. They helps keep the skin look brighter and younger.

Citrix C does the following:

  • Improve healing response in the skin.
  • Neutralize & protect against free radicals.
  • Stimulate collagen growth & reduces wrinkle
  • Make your skin firmer and more flexible
  • Reduces Irritation and inflammation


L-Ascorbic Acid 17% (Vitamin-C)


Apply Cream 2 time a day or as advise by your consultant on your skin. Care must be taken while applying the cream around the eyes.


Vitamin-C preparat should not be used on the eyes or eyelids. Also, avoid skin contact with hair or clothe as it can cause discoloration. Keep the tube tightly closed after each application. Protect from sunlight and heat. So,  Keep this and all medicines out of reach of children.

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