Pirox Shampoo


(Piroctone Olamine 0.5%, Triaminodi 2% Pantothenol 0.5%, Vitamin E 0.03%) 120 ml Anti Hairfall & Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

For Dandruff and hairfall.



PIrox Shampoo

Anti-Hair Fall &Anti-Dandruf Shampoo

  • Resurfacing and strengthening
  • Nutrition, protection and conditioning
  • Control of Seborrhea and Dandruff on the Scalp

Firstly Triaminodil healthy hair loss treatment hair provide, hair restoration shampoo provides a number of benefits for healthy scalps, which can stimulates hair growth metabolism by increasing oxygen circulation on the hair scalp, manages sebum on the scalp, and deep cleanness. Fights hair loss and increase density, nourishing and moisturizing it from the root. Regularuse of Pirox shampoo will improve the quality and texture of the hair

Secondly Piroctone Olamine provides a definitive solution to dandruff and soothes the itching sensations of the scalps, cleans, soften, and protects the hair and scalp. Piroctone Olamine is known for its bacteriosatic and fungistatic properties, specifically working against pityrosporum ovale, which lives on the skin and is associated with dandruff and other manifestations of flaking on the face and scalp.

Vitamin E and Panthenol Protects hair keratin from oxidative damage and discoloration.


Active Ingredients:

Piroctone Olamine Triaminodil, Vitamin-E, Panthenol. (Crystolite’s Speces)

Other Ingredients:

Thirdly Water, Allomenium Lauryl Sulfate, Dimethicon, Sodium Chloride, Cocamide DEA, Cocamide betain, Citric Acid, Ethylene Diamine Tetra acetic acid, Ethylene Glycol Di Strearate, Glycerin Crothix DMDM hydention.


Pirox Shampoo contains hair growth active triaminodil which prevents hair loss and regrows hair in both men and women. So Pirox shampoo is clinically proven to treat dandruff and seborrheoic dermatitis and the pruritus (itching associated with these conditions).

Pirox Shampoo Directions for use

Finally Rinse the hair and scalp with warm water and then apply the pirox shampoo on those areas. Gently message the scalp before washing it off. Repeat the first step and allow it to work for two to three minutes without rubbing. Then rinse it with plenty of warm water. Frequency of use: use daily until the dandruff or any other flaking of the scalp disappears (between two to four weeks). So to avoid relapses, follow a maintenance treatment by using the shampoo once or twice weekly.


Avoid contact with eyes.

For topical use only. Not for ophthalmic, oral or intravaginal use.

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